holy fuck jily is just crying now what do i doo:?? fuckk

OH fuck I”m sorry i haven’t said anything ian days b;ut i jjust came out to my mom and I ‘m so drunk and she was awesome abouth it and I’m so happy and like I’m halfway out and fuck I’m so reliev ed and it’s so awesmoe I’m basically seeing double and it’s taking alot of energy to write this out but I’m just so happy and yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


Knowledge about plants that can cure or harm has been prized, and feared, for hundreds of years. In this enchanted book, you’ll find out which poisons are produced by which plants, and flip the pages to reveal history and folklore. 
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Hey so whoaaaa I finally fell asleep at 5:00 in the morning and then I slept for forty-five minutes.  Then I kind of woke up.  I have things I wanted to do today, but now I’m so sleepy and we have bellydancing at 6 and band practice after which I totally forgot about.  I think I’m going to just try to get some sleep and if I get things done I get things done and if I don’t I don’t.




Jimmy Page plays for us a medley of White Summer, Midnight Moonlight(also known as Swan Song), and Kashmir in 1989.

And is fucking sexy while he does it.

The timbre of his voice in this video is gorgeous. It’s kind of groggy and lower than usual, which just adds to the amount of sexy being delivered.
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Led Zeppelin photographed by Ron Raffaelli, 1969.

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Janice Martin, Penthouse, December 1987.

xaile (by Rosa Pomar)

Semmering Landscape
Koloman Moser - 1913



Iceland: Horses

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The Doors // Gloria [Explicit version]

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